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Who we are ?

Welcome to Fitliners wellness Group

Wellness for every body, every age, every stage

We are a Fitness and Wellness Company which offer comprehensive Physical Fitness and Wellness Solutions to our Customers. Our company that has helped to develop the pleasure-seeking concept of “Fitness” into a true lifestyle: Wellness. Living the “Wellness” lifestyle means regular physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mental attitude as well as managing own stress.

We promote wellness in everything we do, from product Selections and Sports Medical-Scientific innovation to social projects and helping the environment. Our main focus is to enhance the Public awareness on Health, Fitness and Wellness, and to Motivate them for regular physical fitness, so that it will enables them to much Stronger, Healthier and long LIFE.

Wellness is on the other hand has a Holistic approach towards the persons health and wellbeing. The future Health, Fitness and Nutrition practices will be based on Holistic approach toward the person. So, we are much more focused on WPH – Whole Person Healing in our all operations.


In order to accomplish our Vision; we have main four operations in progress. Establishing Gyms and Fitness Training Facilities Island-wide, Provide Professional Education in Health and Fitness and Sport Science, Import and Supply Full Commercial Heavy-duty Fitness Training equipments, Provide Cutting edge Sports Nutritional Products and Corporate Wellness for Motivation Programs to high Performance.

FITLINERS help people live better, and the company achieves this by providing the best possible gym equipment, services, content and programs, Sports Nutrition and wellness Consultation, all of which use FITLINERS to connect to one another so that users can experience Wellness no matter where they are: this is the Wellness Connected Experience. Indeed, everyone can find their own content and training programs WITH OUR PERSONALIZED Services.   


To be the most sought-after Fitness, Wellness and Sport Science Facilitator in Sri Lanka


Work with Care and Effort, Skills acquired to the Profession, Orderly behavior and Devotion to the purpose to offer exceptional service to the Customers.

Mission statement

To provide Safe and Effective Wellness, Nutritional, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultation, Education and Management services; with Fair Treatment to all, for their high quality Lives.


"Your Caring Wellness Professional"


Our gym has wide variety of high-quality equipment, suitable for all types of workouts and fitness levels.


Our fitness academy offers top-quality instruction and facilities for people of all ages and abilities. From fitness classes to personal training sessions, we have something for everyone.

Corporate wellness

The best corporate wellness program will offer a variety of fitness classes, wellness workshops, and healthy lifestyle resources to help employees feel energized, productive, and engaged at work.

LEAN for life [nutrition]

The program emphasizes the importance of whole, natural foods, and encourages participants to make healthy food choices that support long-term weight management and overall health.

BODY FOR LIFE [equipment]

There are many types of equipment that can be used for exercise, ranging from simple and portable options like resistance bands and dumbbells, to more complex and specialized machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes.

Fitness lifestyle & weight management consultancy

Our fitness lifestyle and weight management consultancy is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized coaching and support.

Our Trainers

Professional Etiquette & Code of Conduct

  • Provide Safe and Effective Wellness Instructions.
  • Provide equal and fair treatment to all Clients.
  • Maintaining and understanding of current research and techniques in Fitness, Wellness and Sport Science.
  • Maintain current CPR certification and knowledge of first aid services.
  • Uphold and enhance public appreciation and trust for the Wellness industry.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all client information.

Sanjeewa Rathnayake

Life Coach

Specialty of Fitliners

Fitness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultancy

  • Knowledge of Most modern theories of Wellness and Weight Management.
  • Practical and experiential knowledge, which directly answer client’s problems.
  • Total Gym Management Services.
  • Fitness equipment supply for Commercial Gyms and Home use equipment.
  • Consultation for Gym upgrading and New Gym projects.
  • Lectures and Workshops on Fitness and Wellness related subjects.
  • Professional approach to your client/ member to explore their Health and Wellness related barriers and Personalized attention to clients.
  • Proper exercise and technical guidance to entire Wellness Centre.
  • Nutritional information for clients and Diet Plans.
  • Weight gaining Fitness and diet programs / weight loss Wellness and diet programs.
  • Comprehensive workout schedules/fitness programs.
  • Health and Wellness assessments, fitness testing and evaluations.
  • Body composition assessments and Exercise Program prescriptions.
  • Wellness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Counseling sessions.
  • Group Counseling and group therapies.
  • Coaching for Power lifting, Body building and Competitive Strength Building.
  • Special Rehabilitation and Sports oriented fitness programs
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